The Old Kent River story begins in 1985 with a Shearer (Mark Noack) and his very pregnant wife (Debbie Noack) planting a new vineyard on their 1270 acre sheep farming property. Mark’s parents had established the property in 1952 which is in Rocky Gully, located in the Frankland River wine region of Western Australia. Along with the establishment of the vineyard, the Noacks also conducted a major rehabilitation scheme across the whole property, including a tree-planting programme, whereby various species of Eucalypt and deep-rooted perennials that were well adapted to the area were planted.  

Their early grape harvests were sold to the likes of Domaine Chandon and Vasse Felix, for their ultra-premium sparkling wines, as well as to local producers Alkoomi and Wignalls. When these producers started winning gold medals for their wines, Mark and Debbie decided it was time to produce their own label. In 1991 they released their first wines under the Old Kent River label; a Sparkling and a Pinot Noir.  These wines went on to achieve a raft of impressive awards and reviews, and remain the flagship wines within the Old Kent River range.  A Chardonnay was released in 1992 and five years later they released a Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz, completing the current Old Kent River range.

Mark and Debbie decided to involve their clients by planting a tree on the property for each bottle of their Sparkling wine [Diamondtina] they produced and this policy has continued since the production of the first vintage in 1991. It is now over 30 years since the Noacks initiated their rehabilitation scheme and evidence of its success can be seen throughout their property. Wildlife and numerous native plants and trees [such as Boronias, Orchids & Tee Trees] once again enrich the landscape.

The Farm, as it’s now known, is still owned and managed by the hands-on and ‘down to earth’ personalities of the Noack family. It produces the award winning cool-climate wine grapes, farm reared lamb and elusive native marron that are sold at the Cellar Door.

Moving with the times, the Noack family now welcomes new generation director Josh Hardy into the fold, with extensive business and financial management experience.