Frankland River Wine Region

Out of five sub-regions, Frankland River is the most northern of the expansive Great Southern wine region. While very much a cool-climate region, it is still Mediterranean in nature as the afternoon sea breezes make their way up the river valleys from the Southern Ocean. This remote region is unspoiled and pristine that has little disease or pest difficulties providing unparalleled wine grape growing conditions.


Great Southern Wine Region

The Great Southern wine region is vast and diverse and provides an ideal environment for creating distinctive regional wines. The region was instrumental in the establishment of modern winemaking in Western Australia in the 1960s. The regional climate ranges from the coastal, maritime subregions of Albany and Denmark to the inland, continental subregions of Mount Barker, Porongurup and Frankland River. The country is dominated by the magnificent stands of the veteran hardwoods of the region – karri, marri, jarrah and other eucalypts.  


Destination - Great Southern

The Great Southern is the largest and most diverse region within Australia’s South West. It varies from unspoilt coastline, and idyllic seaside towns to sprawling agricultural lands, wine regions and national parks harbouring some of the world’s rarest species. [Courtesy of Australia’s South West.] If you are planning a trip to the Great Southern, please visit Australia’s South West website for more detailed information.